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Relaxing Music - Meditation Music

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3D Binaural Relaxing Meditation Music

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Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
3D Binaural Relaxing Music, Meditation Music And Healing Music
About 3D Binaural Relaxing Meditation Music And Healing Music:
On this page you will find relaxing meditation music recorded in the 3D binaural technique.
In order to really enjoy the 3D binaural effect you need to use earphones.
Enter a huge room of sound and feel like sitting or laying down in the middle of the sound.
Music will be all around you.
Put your earphones on, lay down and close your eyes.
Enjoy this wonderful sound journey!

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Relaxing 3D Binaural Meditation Music
Open Gate Into Infinite Frequencies
Healing frequencies from the Infinite Field which are helping us to find wholeness, coherence and peace.
Moses Code Frequency and Rife Frequencies

Free Spirit  
Native American Flute Music With Nature Sounds
3D Binaural Meditation Music
Please, listen with headphones!
Loving Light Within
Meditation music
Solfeggio Frequency 528 Hz - Moses Code Frequency
3D binaural recording
Journey 432 Hz
Relaxing Music in the key A = 432 Hz
Ocean Spirit - 432 Hz Music With Ocean Sounds
Soothing relaxing music with ocean sounds and the sounds of whales and dolphins in 3D binaural recording.
Sound Massage For The Soul 3D
Soothing relaxing sounds with healing frequencies in 3D binaural recording. Listen to this album with your headphones to enjoy the music!
Angelic Quantum Frequency 333 Hz
Meditation music in the Angel Frequency 333 Hz. 3D binaural music for Quantum Healing. Listen with ear phones!
Blessings For Gaia

Healing Sounds for Gaia, our planet Earth, which connect and unify you with Gaia.
This music was being composed during the Corona Pandemic in 2020. Healing blessings for Mother Earth and all beings.
Composed in 3D binaural recording. Please, use earphones!
Angel Music 3D
Angel meditation music in 3D binaural recording
Sacred Tones
3D Meditation Music With Healing Frequencies
Meditation music with sacred tones (Solfeggio Frequencies, Rife Frequencies and others). Soft relaxing healing music for meditation.
Pure Consciousness - 3D Sound Meditation
This relaxing and meditative 3D music invites you to a journey into a state of being beyond the material world into Pure Consciousness where there is no time, no thing - into no-Thingness. The realm of all possibilities.
Pleiadian Meditation - 3D Binaural Music
Join me to a journey into a beautiful world of sound far away to the Pleiades.
This 3D binaural meditation music will bring you into a cosmic field of sound.
To fully enjoy this 3D binaural meditation music
take your earphones on, close your eyes, relax, let go and enter into this ambience of sound.
Feel the music all around you, in front of you, above you ....
This 3D sound meditation will bring you to the 5th Dimension to the Pleiades.
I wish you a wonderful journey!

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Relaxing Music - Meditation Music
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