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Meditation Music - Healing Music

Welcome at the site of
Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller

Meditation Music - Healing Music

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Soothing meditative prayer music with a background choir singing in Light Language.
Angel Music 3D
Angel meditation music in 3D binaural recording
Pure Consciousness - 3D Sound Meditation
This relaxing and meditative 3D music invites you to a journey into a state of being beyond the material world into Pure Consciousness where there is no time, no thing - into no-Thingness. The realm of all possibilities.
Pleiadian Meditation - 3D Binaural Music
Join me to a journey into a beautiful world of sound far away to the Pleiades.
This 3D binaural meditation music will bring you into a cosmic field of sound.
To fully enjoy this 3D binaural meditation music
take your earphones on, close your eyes, relax, let go and enter into this ambience of sound.
Feel the music all around you, in front of you, above you ....
This 3D sound meditation will bring you to the 5th Dimension to the Pleiades.
I wish you a wonderful journey!
Meditation Music
Soothing calming meditation music
for the balancing of Soul, Mind and Body.

Healing Music
Healing Music with healing Solfeggio- and Rife Frequencies
Mystic Music From A Cave In Lanzarote
from a Lava cave in Lanzarote. Soft healing cave music. Soft healing relaxing music with flute, table harp, singing bowls, didgeridoo and orchestra sounds.

Cave Of Healing
The 444 Hz Frequency means that the note A is tuned in 444 Hz instead of 440 Hz. This represents the Frequency of Love and it is in tune with the Moses Code Frequency connecting us with the Divine. The Moses Code Tuning Forks are included in the pieces of music. Because of this the music is having a healing and harmonizing effect, especially if you listen to it with good ear phones.
This music can help you to clean your chakras from emotional pain and fears deep in the unconscous. Allow all fears and pain to flow into the low sounds of the Lava cave and follow the bright sound of the flute from darkness to light.
The flute is recorded LIVE in the cave.
Track 3 "Lava Cave" and 7 "Olivinas" are played with the Big Table Harp of Franz Bauer.

Follow me deep into a beautiful cave in Lanzarote, into my meditation cave.
A soothing cave meditation which is bringing us into oneness with Love and harmony and into a state of inner peace.
High Frequency Meditation
Healing Music For The Awakening Soul

This meditation music helps you to open the higher chakras and brings you into
oneness with higher frequencies and dimensions.
It is raising our vibration bringing us into deep peace and harmony.
This music for deep relaxation and contemplation is very rich in overtones.
Lay down, relax and let go and allow this music to flow through your chakras.
Listen to this music with good ear phones.
Love Frequency 528 Hz
Solfeggio Sound Meditation
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The 528 Hz Frequency is a healing frequency,
the frequency for DNA repair and transformation..
528 Hz is the Frequency of Love.
Listening to 528 Hz means to allow the Love Frequency enter into our aura and into all our cells.
So our body can tune into Love Frequency and resonate with Love.

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Beautiful Angelic music. Feel the Presence of the Angels while listening to this music and allow the vibration to fill your aura with Love and Peace. Instruments: Flutes, Piano, Duduk, Singing Bowls, Harps, Orchestra, Percussion.

Orbs are light balls which we can see on our digital photos. They are beings from other dimesions who have come to earth.
I connected with these orbs and allowed them to sound through my music so that we can listen to their frequencies.
They can "speak" through my various flutes.

May this music bring Love, Peace, Healing and Harmony to the world!

Buddha Sound Meditation

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Soft relaxing music for meditation and letting go. Instruments: Overtone voices, flutes, caisa, singing bowls, gongs, percussion, orchestra. Soft relaxing music for inner peace, love and compassion. This music is rich on overtones and brings you into a state of deep relaxation and peace. Music for going inside and finding the Inner Buddha.

Chakra Sound Meditation
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Peaceful relaxing Music for the cleaning and balancing of the 7 chakras.


Harmonizing Music For Soul, Mind And Body
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This music is balancing yin and yang within bringing us into deep peace and harmony. Enjoy the full sound of nature instruments like various flutes, didgeridoos, harps together with full orchestras.

OM Meditation

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The healing mantra OM is chanted by Hans Thomas Stepanik. Embedded into deep relaxing music with singing bowls, flute, sitar and other instrument this music will bring you into a state of inner peace.

Sitar: Jürgen Fröller

Qi Gong

Beautiful relaxing music for Qi Gong and Meditation
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The beautiful and magic sound of the Chinese Xiao Flute played by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller, combined with orchestras, Chinese Gu Zhang and Caisa played by Jürgen Fröller, will bring you into a deep meditative and relaxed state that allows the breath of life to flow and Chi energy to circulate in the body. You can practice Qi Gong with this music or just lay down and enjoy the beautiful sound.

May this music bring Love and Peace to you.

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Relaxing Music - Meditation Music
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