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432 Hz Music

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432 Hz  Music
In 432 Hz Music the note A is tuned into 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz. This key helps us to be attuned to the  natural  electric magnetic pulses of  the earth.
It is also named "Verdi's  A" and is mathematically consistent withthe universe. This music brings you into balance with Mother Earth, the universe and helps to find earthing and inner peace.
Journey 432 Hz
Relaxing Music in the key A = 432 Hz
Unconditional Love 432 Hz
Meditation Music for unconditional love in the 432 Hz key.
Love Is What I Am / Love Is Where I Am
Ocean Spirit - 432 Hz Music With Ocean Sounds
Soothing relaxing music with ocean sounds and the sounds of whales and dolphins in 3D binaural recording.

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Relaxing Music - Meditation Music
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