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Chakra Meditation Music

Download: Entspannungsmusik von Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
Chakra Meditation Music
for the Harmonization of the Chakras
Bright sounds rich in harmonics
are cleaning and harmonizing the chakras.
Start at the root chakra and allow the sounds
to flow through all the 7 body chakras.
Open yourself for the sounds.
After this meditation you feel light and relaxed.
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Chakra Sound Meditation
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Peaceful relaxing Music for the cleaning and balancing of the 7 chakras.

The Tracks:
- Root Chakra
- Sacral Chakra
- Solar Plexus Chakra
- Heart Chakra
- Throat Chakra
- Third Eye Chakra
- Crown Chakra

Chakra Klangmeditation - deutsche Seite

Chakra Meditation Music
High Frequency Meditation
Healing Music For The Awakening Soul

This meditation music helps you to open the higher chakras and brings you into
oneness with higher frequencies and dimensions.
It is raising our vibration bringing us into deep peace and harmony.
This music for deep relaxation and contemplation is very rich in overtones.
Lay down, relax and let go and allow this music to flow through your chakras.
Listen to this music with good ear phones.
Healing Music For The Awakening Soul by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
Meditation Music by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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