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Orbs - Healing Meditation Music From The Orbs

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Healing Meditation Music
From The Orbs

The first time the Orbs have come to my digital photos was
when I made photos inside of the crater of
Monte Corona at Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
When I was there I could not see them with my eyes,
so I was very excited when I watched the photos
at my computer at home.
It is wonderful that Orbs have come to me.
And I asked myself what they might want me to do ....
Then I noticed the Angel Orb with the flute -
and I knew what to do.
To allow the world to listen to the messages of the Orbs
making them sound.
I connected with them
and allowed them to speak through my flutes .....

May this music bring Peace and Healing to the world!
Heilende Meditationsmusik von den Orbs
Orbs are light balls which we can see on our digital photos. They are beings from other dimesions who have come to earth.
I connected with these orbs and allowed them to sound through my music so that we can listen to their frequencies.
They can "speak" through my various flutes.

May this music bring Love, Peace, Healing and Harmony to the world!

1. Joyful Loving Orbs
2. Angel Orbs
3. Orbs Healing Mother Earth
4. Balancing Orbs
5. Hig Spirit Orbs
6. Protecting Orbs
7. Guiding Orbs
8. Orbs From High Dimensions
9. Orbs Bringing Love And Peace
10. Nature Spirit Orbs

Orbs inside of the crater of Monte Corona, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
with the track
"Angel Orbs"

Photo Gallery of Orbs:
Relaxing Music - Meditation Music
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