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Relaxing Music - Meditation Music

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Meditative Relaxing Christmas Music

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Meditative relaxing
Christmas Music
Christmas Meditation - Relaxing Christmas Music
Christmas is the time of Stillness and Calmness,
a feast of inner peace.
This relaxing Christmas music
brings us into
harmony and peace
with ourselves and with all beings.
The inner light starts to shine.
The birth of light.
Enjoy this meditative
Christmas music.
I wish you Love and Peace for Christmas!

Christmas - Peaceful Relaxing Music

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Peaceful Relaxing Christmas Music
Beautiful relaxing music for a wonderful peaceful and calm Christmas Season. May there be peace on earth ...

Christmas Meditation

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Christ is born tonight - deep in your soul. The Angels are coming ... a beautiful and meditative Christmas piece for voice, flutes, Tibetan Bowls , bells and soft strings. Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas!

Relaxing Music - Meditation Music
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