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Relaxing Music - Meditation Music

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Jazzy Music And Fun Music

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Jazzy Music

Fun Music

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Happy Dogs
Singing Dog Ruby with soft relaxing music

Be Happy
Amazon.com / Spotify / iTunes / You Tube Music

Easy going jazzy flute music. Be happy and enjoy life!

Doggie Dance
Amazon.com / Spotify / iTunes

A musical joke. Bavarian ,Jazzy style folk music for dog, poops, flute and piano. This is the right music for your DOG! He will like it and sing thogether with this track! Have fun!

Wolfgang Kraemer: Piano, Dog and Poops

Wild Jungle
Amazon.com / Spotify / iTunes / You Tube Music

A jazzy piece of music leading us into a wild jungle deep in Africa. The flute is imitatiing the animals accompanied by piano and percussions played by Wolfgang Kraemer.

Relaxing Music - Meditation Music
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