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Relaxing Music - Meditation Music

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Quantum Healing Music - Music For Meditation

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Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller

Quantum Healing Music

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3D Binaural Meditation Music
Please, listen with headphones!
Quantum Ocean Of Pure Love 285 Hz
Meditation music in the solfeggio frequency 285 Hz, the Quantum cognition frequency. Meditation music with ocean sounds.
3D binaural recording, please use headphones!
285 Hz Quantum Cognition Solfeggio Frequency
Ocean Sounds
Angelic Quantum Frequency 333 Hz
Meditation music in the Angel Frequency 333 Hz. 3D binaural music for Quantum Healing. Listen with ear phones!

The Healing Sound Of Divine Matrix

This wonderful and enchanting healing music brings you deep into meditation and into deep contact with the Divine. It is like taking a bath in the sound of Divine Matrix. The instruments monochord, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Flute and Chrystal Bowls are very rich in overtones and take you to a journey to heaven. Listening to this music you will feel the Divine Matrix and a oneness with God..

Quantum Heart - Oneness With Love

Beautiful relaxing music with flute, Native American Flutes, Xiao Flute, Shakuhachi, Caisa, Singing Bowls, Harps, Piano, Orchestra and Percussion. This relaxing music is rich in overtones and helps you to connect to the Quantum Heart, the place where we are all ONE, one with Creation, one with Mother Earth, one with all Beings. Open your heart while listening to the music and allow the frequencies to fill your aura.
May there be Peace and Love for everybody.

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Quantum Trance Music

This album is very good as back-ground music for Quantum Healing sessions. Trach 2 - 5 are composed in the Moses Code Frequency key and especially good for healing processes. More about the Moses Code Frequency at the page "Moses Code Frequency Flute Prayer".
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Emotional Quantum Release - Music For Going Deep
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Visit my playlists on Spotify for FREE streaming!
If you enjoy the music, please follow me at Spotify. Thank you.
Relaxing Music - Meditation Music
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