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Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
Composer, Musician, Music Teacher

She grew up with music and had music lessons in her early childhood with her father Simon Fröller who was a music teacher. She studied in Hong Kong with the flautist Danielo Ramos Cruz who was flautist at the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. She passed her Grade 8 in Flute and Theories of Music of the Royal Schools of Music with distinction and continued her studies at the Leopold-Mozart Conservatory in Augsburg, Germany, where she graduated as Music Teacher. The flautist participated in master classes by Alain Marion, Robert Aitken and Susan Milan. She worked as a music teacher at the municipal music school of the city of Aichach as well as at the University of Augsburg. During her 15 years of teaching she helped several students to win awards at the German yearly music competition “Jugend musiziert – Youth is playing music”.
In the year of 1996 the musician moved to Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain, where she played in hotels, taught private music and German lessons and worked as a translator. Inspired by the volcanic island she produced her first CD “Improvisaciones de Dorothée”.
In 2002 she moved to Memphis, Tennessee, USA, where she was hired by the First Unity Church of Cordova to play her music in the church and during spiritual meetings and events.
Nowadays Dorothée Fröller is living in Aichach, Germany, where she is working as music teacher at the municipal music school of the city of Aichach and at a public college.
  She is performing live concerts in churches and music halls.
She is a freelance musician
composing music for relaxation and meditation music as well as healing music producing albums in her own Recording studio.
Her music can be downloaded in the internet download shops.
FREE streaming of all of her music at Spotify

Jürgen Fröller

Sitar, Gu Zheng, Caisa
Cover Design

Album: Taj Mahal

Relaxing Concert for Sitar and Flute
Relaxing Music - Meditation Music
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